Justin Chamness is a real estate investor and mentor in Kansas City.  He and his wife, Angela, are the Lead Partners of www.JustinChamness.com and have been real estate investors since 2001.
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JustinChamness.com has been the starting point for offering great real estate deals to our buyers.  How? Justin loves to stay in touch with his buyers and sellers,  to nourish relationships and inspire feedback and discussions, and positive deals.  OurTeamBuysHouses.com is where great property deals come into our Inventory.  Also, www.IneedREwholesalers.com is a great source of inventory for us, from those wholesalers who want to joint venture deals.  Last but not least, Justin also has many real estate investor apprentices that source property deals for him every single day.
LowPricedBargainProperties, LLC and it's affiliates offer exclusive off market property deals at discounted prices to professional real estate investors and quality tenant/buyers, so they can get back to doing what they do best, making money. 1-816-875-6961 
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Allan Duchart, Senior Director, RE Convention
Justin is consistently a best-in-class real estate investor and a great solution provider for his clients and partners. His energetic style, focus, and customized processes make him one of our most popular investors in the Kansas City, Area. He inspires his buyers and sellers to think beyond the box and is not afraid to admit he has made mistakes. This is how he wins people over.
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